Solid cedar double-wall construction

The house structure was designed and milled by PanAbode in Renton, Washington.

The wood is premium grade western red cedar, free of the heartcenter (core of the log), to virtually eliminate the chance of cracking or splitting.

The house is double-wall construction (actually a house inside of a house), with three inches of insulation between the inner and outer walls. It is very cozy and tight, no leaks, no drafts, and very energy efficient.

The wood will not rot or mildew. Always smells good. Unlike sheetrock and soft wood, this solid cedar timber takes bumps and abrasions without showing wear.

Each of the thousands of pieces of timber was individually milled, cut, notched, sanded and numbered at the factory for this house, and then trucked from Washington to Johnson Lake.

NOTE: Lower floor is larger than main
            floor because it extends under decks

3,092 square feet total

Double garage door opening to lake


645 square feet

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